Monday, February 13, 2017

About civil society pimps, I talk!

About civil society pimps, I talk

After the Arab spring lol, specially the Syrian refugee crisis. the whole civil society - aid world - got a panic! "Oh holy Jeeeeeeeeeee too much fuckn money how we gonna suck it all before any other hungry asshole"

as we all know - aid workers - that Syrians are now the cherry on the cake and on the top of this cake we found the most expensive part and most unique one "The Rainbow"

The Rainbow are Syrian LGBTIQ refugee!

From my previous experience working with civil society pimps in the Middle East and North Africa "MENA region", I discovered that The Rainbow part are very expensive and pastry suppliers - donors - knows how to treat us very well by sparkling some glitter coz they won't give the Rainbow to us, and we know it!, but the luxury that comes from it are irresistible.

Here in North America it's different, The Rainbow exist but it's too fake. Too fake in a way that you can see it by your eyes without having any previous experience with this Mafia to understand how they fake it well.

I got a phone call from one of the biggest organizations in Canada, asking me clearly to go on the TV and Radio to speak out the truth. about being oppressed Queer guy by my 3rd world country regime and how the first world country providing me dignity, they added: "we need you to talk about how dangerous and unsafe all the Arab organizations here for Arab LGBTIQ, but here our organization is a safe space for people like you".
I said "I left my country coz I got threaten from one of your respected corrupted funded organization in MENA region by speaking out their truth"

Here's the language changed and faces too (I love this part lol) and we start kind of negotiation "What do you want?" they said!
I smiled and said "nothing you are the ones who wants not me, listen we have a good opportunity in a very diverse society like here and if we work Inclusive and Collective we'll Literally create Heaven! instead of fighting over a piece of cake, let's make a big cake for everyone" at this point we went through no sense discussion, both of us was clear enough to end it respectfully and we did :)

Next day I got another need for help as a volunteer from the same organization lol, I'll interpret for a pretending trans-gender Syrian refugee talking about their drama and how this lovely white organization help them and protected them from Homophobic/Transphobic Arabs and their organizations. I set beside the camera interpreting for an hour!

They succeed in their campaign and they got the whole fund while I'm struggling with poverty.

It's good to be aware of the shit from inside, I know we get stinky but we learn!
I'm proud of myself!